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Use the scheduler above to book an appointment at the office. Due to the COVID 19 crisis Dr Wies is also available through Telehealth methods utilizing zoom or phone consultation.  We will make sure you are able to connect prior to your appointment.  




Discovery Call (10 minutes Free)


New Patient Exam and Consultation (1 hour @ $200)


INITIAL 30 Min Follow up Appointment (30 minutes @ $100)


30 Min Follow up Appointment (30 minutes @ $60)


15 Min Follow up Appointment (15 minutes @ $30)


Have a question about scheduling an appointment? Please call 636-755-4058.


Please remember that all health-related questions must be answered in-office for liability purposes. Dr. Wies is available by appointment only. 


If you have questions between appointments, please schedule a 15 minute consultation using the online scheduling option above.


Health-related questions will not be addressed via email.



Your initial visit will include a one hour visit with Dr. Wies. No other patients are scheduled during your appointment time. She will ask many questions and perform a new patient examination. It is her goal to get to know you as a person, what you have done in the past, your future goals, stressors in your life, and what motivates you. Laboratory testing may be necessary to fully evaluate you. This may be ordered the first appointment or in a subsequent visit as Dr. Wies deems appropriate.


Established patient visits will consist of a combination of re-evaluation, prescribed nutritional supplements, acupuncture, stress management and coping mechanisms, relaxation techniques and discussion of habit modifications essential to your treatment.

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