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Dr Laura Wies has been assisting me with some stomach issues since this past July 2020. My chiropractor, Dr Daryle Hightower referred me to Dr. Wies after I was unable to get relief from GI issues. I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis and colitis and when I flare up the gastro intestinal MD I see will prescribe antibiotics that I have difficulty tolerating. As a registered nurse and health educator, I am cautious about using antibiotics, especially as frequently as I had been utilizing them. Dr. Wies discovered that I had some blood levels that could be contributing to my stomach problems and that I have a sensitivity to wheat (gluten). With Dr Laura's guidance I have restructured my diet and am taking supplements that she has recommended to improve my stomach issues, as well as, my overall health. Dr. Laura is non judgmental and easy to talk to. I highly recommend working with her to address health issues that are not being relieved by the usual biomedical treatments.

Mary Beth


 I came to Dr. Laura after months of dealing with chronic pain, sleep problems, GI issues, and anxiety. In the month prior to my first appointment, I had lost nearly 30 pounds due to GI pain and a nonexistent appetite. After a thorough initial appointment covering my life and health history, I followed Dr. Laura's recommendation to change my diet and begin taking a magnesium supplement. I was amazed to see my appetite return, my weight stabilize, and a noticeable improvement in all of my symptoms over the course of two weeks leading up to my next appointment to discuss my lab results. Since then it has been a wonderful working with Dr. Laura to improve my health through lifestyle changes, diet, and supplementation. I would recommend that anyone struggling with chronic health problems make an appointment with Dr. Laura as soon as you can. I have had a great experience and only wish I would have found her sooner!




We’ve been to different doctors for help in healing my infant son’s rashes. Only Dr. Laura was able to clear my son’s rashes! She’s extremely patient with all our questions and she even follows up on our son’s progress. I’m immensely grateful for all her help. I definitely recommend her!



I came to dr. Laura after going to several doctors and having different tests done due to my body not responding to exercise nor diet. I had trouble if I did indulge in something high-carbohydrate or sugar the symptoms we're making me feel like I was at my wit's end. I have to mention that I had a recent history of competing in bodybuilding competitions. Although I was eating all of the time, the foods I was consuming we're very clean and once I stopped competing different foods that I would put in my body would cause reactions. On top of all of this after coming out of the bodybuilding world my mind was super consumed with being sure that I trained in the gym, if I didn't I would feel guilty, when my body stop reacting 2 my healthy lifestyle and sort of rebelled against me I was so happy to find dr. Laura. All of the regular doctors looked at me like I was crazy, my thyroid was not functioning to its optimal level. After visiting with Laura a couple of times, she had me mentally and physically on the right track. So much to where I was actually able to train and healthy way, when my body felt up for it and never any more guilt! For someone who's in the competing world coming out of it that's a big deal! I finally feel like a normal human being for the first time in about 5 years! And on top of all of this, and learning so much about my body through dr. Laura, I was actually able to become pregnant naturally! With my first child almost 9 years ago I went through fertility treatment. I never thought that I would be able to get pregnant on my own and it happened! Dr. Laura was always very down-to-earth and such a real person, and very interested in all aspects of me as a person. She taught me that everything goes hand-in-hand mentally physically emotionally, and I can't say enough how grateful and thankful I am that she helped me finally feel like a normal, better than normal human being!



 I can honestly say working with Dr. Laura has changed my life for the better. In six months time, using a combination of traditional and functional medicinal practices, she has helped to me to relieve and eliminate many symptoms of Hashimotos and menstrual cycle problems. She is a kind, caring, compassionate individual who truly listens and values a patients questions and concerns. Dr. Laura understands the value of being on a medical team. She helped me find a counselor when I needed one. She also armed me with test results and knowledge to discuss potential prescription needs with my general practitioner. I’m so glad to have found Dr. Laura!



Dr. Wies is all about service! She takes the time to learn your health history and then adapts a course of treatment specifically to your needs. If you’re tired of doctors that treat your symptoms instead of helping you discover the cause, make an appointment with Dr. Wies! She will dig to the root of the issue!




Dr. Laura discovered dietary sensitivities to wheat and dairy. I would never have considered this on my own. Years of migraines are over. So glad that I was sent to her.



When I came in for my first visit with Dr. Wies, I could barely function due to a sudden onset of anxiety, high blood pressure, chest pain, and fatigue. I had been to the ER and to several doctors/specialists who told me I was "perfect on paper" and there was nothing wrong. One week after my first visit, Dr. Wies presented me with answers and a simple solution. Within four days of making her recommended lifestyle changes, I was finally able to begin my life again and take care of myself and my kids. I cannot recommend her enough!



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