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Work with Me

Rediscover your healing potential

Initial Consultation

A full hour with Dr Wies. She will gather data on your medical history, current symptoms, and in depth lifestyle habits. 

From there, Dr Wies will order laboratory and advanced functional medicine tests to gather more information pertaining to your current state of health.


Initial Follow Up Consultation

All diagnostic examinations will be gone over in depth and recommendations will be made. An open exchange between Dr and Patient- you will have the time and space to have all your questions answered.  There will be recommendations for a follow up appointment schedule 4 week after the start of your initial treatment plan.


30 – 60 minutes of one on one time with Dr Wies (time varies depending on your unique case)


Review and interpretation of your lab work, recommended nutritional changes, lifestyle modifications, medical-grade supplements, stress management, and other integrative functional medicine strategies.



Second And Proceeding Follow Ups

Progress check of your healing plan.  Enhancements or adjustments made to your healing plan (based on lab work, progress, symptomatology, etc.) as needed

The time and space to have all your questions answered. 

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